2024 Classic walk 2024 Classic walk

Have a comfortable and safe classic walk line and a happy walk time. We run around and smile every day. I will always be happy with my dog.

2024 Saliny raincoat 2024 Saliny raincoat

Raincoat made of triple layer strong waterproof, moisture-permeable, membrane and water repellent fabric. It will protect us on a rainy day.

2024 sallys classic 2024 sallys classic

This is a classic line collection created with the simplest, most comfortable products. I think it's the coolest when everything is basic. We design a classic line with that goal.

2024 ODDONEOUT X THESALLYSLAW  'Key ro my nostalgic treasures' 2024 ODDONEOUT X THESALLYSLAW 'Key ro my nostalgic treasures'

This is a collaboration line collection between oddoneout and thesallyslaw Dogs are the ones that open up my memories as a key. We created this collection imagining it.


Let's have a sweet night together I always wish my dog a happy dream. I hope you have a beautiful dream of walking on Vanilla Sky together


This product has my dog's name and contact information engraved on it. If I lose it in a bad situation while traveling with my dog, the necklace is make us meet again.

2023 Bear Bear 2023 Bear Bear

My teddy bear-like dog! He looks like a bear, and one day he looks like a dog! My cute teddy bear. I love you

Hi I'm Sally Hi I'm Sally

Meet Sally of thesallyslaw He's very shy, but he's a chatterbox when she gets close to him. Take a walk with cute Sally every day

2023 Holiday in paris 2023 Holiday in paris

I imagine traveling to Europe with my dog. I wanted to sleep in a hotel together, run on a vast expanse of grass, and spend leisurely time in a cafe together.

2023 Baby 2023 Baby

To my dog, who is always a baby to me I made a bandana imagining wearing a cute bib. To me, my dog is forever a baby

2023 Heart 2023 Heart

We produced heart pattern products that express the heart full of love. The walking products made by combining dark colors that look good on dogs are so cute.

2023 Daisy rainbow 2023 Daisy rainbow

Plants, flowers, and dogs all change through our long patience, Furthermore, I felt that giving me greater love and happiness was similar.

2022 Daisy flower 2022 Daisy flower

It is a collection created with the desire to take a walk in a place full of daisy flower fields.

2022 High teen 2022 High teen

We produced walking products that use the same color as kindergarten uniforms, I imagined going to kindergarten wear a cute bear bandana.

2022 Love blossom 2022 Love blossom

It was May when cherry blossoms were flying. We designed lovely pink products while looking at the cherry blossoms, and we wanted to give pink products to our dogs.

2022 Puppies in Europe 2022 Puppies in Europe

I made the product imagining my European life with my dog. It features classic colors and designs. I've seen dogs in Europe use a lot of basic design products.